A booklet with all presented papers is available for registered attendees.

Saturday, Aug 22
8h45 Welcome & Participants’ Self Introduction Session Chairs:
Bart Lamiroy & Rafael Lins
9h30 Session 1: Handwritten Graphics and Camera Based Approaches Session Chair:
Jean-Christophe Burie
Word Script and Nature Identification using Black Run-length based Features Asam Saidani, Afef Kacem and Abdel Belaid
Towards the Alignment of Handwritten Music Scores Pau Riba, Alicia Fornes and Josep Llados
Camera-based document image retrieval system for heterogeneous-content complex linguistic maps Quoc Bao Dang, Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman, Mickaël Coustaty, Cao De Tran, Jean-Marc Ogier and Viet Phuong Le
10h45 Coffee Break
11h15 Session 2: Segmentation and Low Level Extraction Session Chair:
Nicole Vincent
Text-independent speech balloon segmentation for comics and mangaOgier Christophe Rigaud, Jean-Christophe Burie and Jean-Marc
Vectorizing and Binarizing 2D and 3D Pie Charts in Complex Scanned Documents Daliton Silva and Rafael Lins
Text extraction from comic books Adam Ghorbel, Jean-Marc Ogier and Nicole Vincent
12h30 Lunch
13h45 Session 3: Structured Data and Graph Approaches Session Chair:
Oriol Ramos Terrades
A Vectorization and Decision Tree Based Text-Graphics Separation Algorithm for Bangla Maps Arundhati Tarafdar, Umapada Pal, Jean-Yves Ramel, Nicolas Ragot and Alireza Alaei
An Approach to Figure Mining for Vector Data Yuki Kawano, Keiji Gyohten, Kazuki Ishiguro, Ryo Ogino and Hidehiro Ohki
Improving Fuzzy Multilevel Graph Embedding with Topological Node Features – an application to Graphics Recognition Hana Jarraya, Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman and Jean Yves Ramel
Table Extraction in Digital Images with HTML5 Nayana Campelo and Neide Alves
Symbol Spotting using a BLP Formulation of Minimum Cost Subgraph Matching Julien Lerouge, Maroua Hammami, Pierre Héroux and Sébastien Adam
15h30 Coffee Break
16h00 Session 4: Performance Analysis & Ground Truth Session Chair:
Mickaël Coustaty
Circle Detection Performance Evaluation Revisited Elisa H. Barney Smith and Bart Lamiroy
The creation of digital, synthetic, ground-truth images from historic cosmic ray data recordings Vincent William Francis Mattana, Günther Drevin and Pierre Roux
Statistical Performance Metrics for Use with Imprecise Ground-Truth Bart Lamiroy and Pascal Pierrot
The Lehigh Engineering Drawing Challenge Lluis Pere de las Heras, Christophe Rigaud
19h00 Social Event and Dinner
Sunday, Aug 23
9h00 Session 5: Recognition and Content Analysis Session Chair:
Alicia Fornes
Migrating the Classical Pen-and-Paper based Conceptual Sketching of Architecture Plans Towards Computer Tools – Prototype Design and Evaluation Syed Saqib Bukhari, Andreas Dengel, Johannes Bayer, Christoph Langenhan, Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Frank Petzold and Marcus Eichenberger-Liwicki
Recognising Electronic Circuits to Enrich Web Documents for Electronic Simulation Shubham Agarwal, Mohit Agrawal and Santanu Chaudhury
Ontology-based Understanding of Architectural Drawings Lluís-Pere De Las Heras, Josep Llados and Oriol Ramos Terrades
Automatically Recognizing Manufacturing Defects in TFT-LCD Panels by Image Inspection André Machado, Antonio Carlos Castro, Carlos Alves, Charles Melo, Marivan Gomes and Rafael Lins
Automated Data Extraction from Scholarly Line Graphs Sagnik Ray Choudhury, Shuting Wang, Prasenjit Mitra and C. Lee Giles
10h45 Coffee Break
11h15 Panel Discussion Session Chairs:
Bart Lamiroy & Rafael Lins
12h30 Lunch